Vincenzo Pecunia

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Conjugated polymers enable the production of flexible semiconductor devices that can be processed from solution at low temperatures. Over the past 25 years, device performance has improved greatly as a wide variety of molecular structures have been studied. However, one major limitation has not been overcome; transport properties in polymer films are still(More)
A general semiconductor-independent two-dimensional character of the carrier distribution in top-gate polymer field-effect transistors is revealed by analysing temperature-dependent transfer characteristics and the sub-bandgap absorption tails of the polymer semiconductors. A correlation between the extracted width of the density of states and the Urbach(More)
Solution-processed semiconductors such as conjugated polymers have great potential in large-area electronics. While extremely appealing due to their low-temperature and high-throughput deposition methods, their integration in high-performance circuits has been difficult. An important remaining challenge is the achievement of low-voltage circuit operation.(More)
A method based on scanning Kelvin probe microscopy is developed to probe the effects of minority carriers on the switching characteristics of organic field-effect transistors. The mobility of the minority carriers is extracted and the role they play in screening of the gate potential in the OFF state and in recombination of trapped majority carriers trapped(More)
The fabrication of printed high-performance and environmentally stable n-type single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) transistors and their integration into complementary (i.e., complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, CMOS) circuits are widely recognized as key to achieving the full potential of carbon nanotube electronics. Here, we report a simple,(More)
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