Vincenzo Niola

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In this paper a method for the parameter estimation of a Weibull distribution is explained. It is based on the estimates of the cumulative probability function performed by a wavelet method. The estimates, obtained by the application of the proposed method, are compared with the results based on other literature estimators. In particular, it is shown that(More)
The “Artificial Vision” permits industrial automation and system vision able to act in the production activities without humane presence. So we suppose that the acquisition and interpretation of the imagines for automation purposes is an interesting topic. Industrial application are referred to technological fields (assembly or dismounting, cut or stock(More)
The aim of the following work is to individualise and to deepen some numerical methods finalized to represent the spraying process of a liquid fuel in a combustion chamber. First objective is to reach an optimisation of the representation the mixing process which happens between fuel droplets and oxidiser gas to obtain a better combustion reaction. Since a(More)
In the present paper a model of an underactuated tendon driven mechanical hand is proposed. The aim of the activity was to study the possibility of realization of a mechanical hand five fingers, the movement of which is realized by the use of one only actuator. The mechanism is conceived as an hand prosthesis. The main particularity of the device(More)
We propose a new method of canceling the fixed-pattern noise of CMOS activepixel image sensors caused by the threshold mismatch of MOS FETs in pixel circuits. This method uses with non-destructive intermediate readout circuitry. Assuming a TSMC 0.25-μm mixed-signal process, we designed a CMOS image sensor in which the canceling circuit was implemented for(More)
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