Vincenzo Marotta

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We show how the recently proposed effective theory for a Quantum Hall system at " paired states " filling ν = 1 [1][2], the twisted model (TM), well adapts to describe the phenomenology of Josephson Junction ladders (JJL) in the presence of impurities. In particular we focus on " closed " geometries which appear promising as " protected " qubits [3] for the(More)
Liver metastases occur in 46-93% of patients with neuroendocrine neoplasms (NENs). Presence and extension of liver metastases are considered important prognostic factors, as they may significantly impair the patient's quality of life, because of either tumor bulk or hormonal hypersecretion. Therapies for NEN liver metastases include surgical resection,(More)
We extend the construction of the effective conformal field theory for the Jain hierarchical fillings proposed in [7] to the description of a quantum Hall fluid at non standard fillings ν = m pm+2. The chiral primary fields are found by using a procedure which induces twisted boundary conditions on the m scalar fields; they appear as composite operators of(More)
Following a suggestion given in [1], we show how the U(1)⊗Z 2 symmetry of the fully frustrated XY (FFXY) model on a square lattice can be accounted for in the framework of the m-reduction procedure developed for a Quantum Hall system at " paired states " fillings ν = 1 [2, 3]. The resulting twisted conformal field theory (CFT) with central charge c = 2 is(More)
We found some identities among η-functions of Dedekind, the characters of the W m algebra and those of the level 1 affine Lie algebra su(m) 1. They allow to characterize the Z m-orbifold of the m-component free bosons u(1) Km,p (our theory TM) as an extension of the full degenerate representations of W (m) 1+∞. In particular TM is proven to be a Γ 0(More)
We argue that a system of interacting D-branes, generalizing a recent proposal, can be modelled as a Quantum Hall fluid. We show that tachyon condensation in such a system is equivalent to one particle tunnelling. In a conformal field theory effective description , that induces a transition from a theory with central charge c = 2 to a theory with c = 3/2,(More)
CDKN1B encodes the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27/Kip1. CDKN1B mutations and polymorphisms are involved in tumorigenesis; specifically, the V109G single nucleotide polymorphism has been linked to different tumours with controversial results. Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) is a rare autosomal dominant syndrome, characterized by the(More)
We show how the low-energy properties of the 2-leg XXZ spin-1/2 ladders with general anisotropy parameter ∆ on closed geometries can be accounted for in the framework of the m-reduction procedure developed in [1]. In the limit of quasi-decoupled chains, a conformal field theory (CFT) with central charge c = 2 is derived and its ability to describe the model(More)
We study the Morita equivalence for field theories on noncommutative two-tori. For rational values of the noncommutativity parameter θ (in appropriate units) we show the equivalence between an abelian noncommutative field theory and a nonabelian theory of twisted fields on ordinary space. We concentrate on a particular conformal field theory (CFT), the one(More)