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PURPOSE To investigate and compare the influence of surgical difficulty on postoperative pain after treatment of impacted mandibular third molars by rotatory osteotomy or Piezoelectric surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS A prospective, randomized, split-mouth study was performed of 52 patients with bilateral and symmetrically oriented impacted mandibular third(More)
Polymorphous hemangioendothelioma (PH) is an uncommon vascular neoplasm of borderline malignant potential characterized by a considerable variability in patterns of cellular growth. Morphologically, PH may be confused with other lesions, from benign vasoformative neoplasms and reactive inflammatory conditions to malignancies such as angiosarcoma or squamous(More)
Bone grafting of the alveolus has become an essential part of the contemporary surgical management of oral clefts. The benefits of this procedure are the stabilization of the maxillary arch, elimination of oronasal fistulae, the reconstruction of the soft tissue nasal base support, creation of bony support for subsequent tooth eruption or, when they are not(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic studies have demonstrated that non-syndromic clefts of the lip, alveolus and palate have an heterogeneous genetic background, and that environmental factors contribute to the onset of this malformation. Therefore studies on different and homogeneous populations can be useful in detecting potentially related environmental and genetic(More)
AIM To examine the prevalence of different types of dental anomalies in children with nonsyndromic cleft lip, unilateral cleft lip-palate, and bilateral cleft lip-palate. MATERIALS AND METHODS A sample of 90 patients (aged 4-20 years) affected by isolated cleft lip, unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate was examined. Cleft patients were classified(More)
OBJECTIVE Speech disorders could affect the intelligibility, but also social competence and emotional development of a cleft-palate child. In this study, we proposed to examine the phono-articulatory defects of a group of surgically treated cleft palate patients, relatively to the familial social background, and children ability of self-controlling during(More)
AIM In this study, resonance and articulation disorders were examined in a group of patients surgically treated for cleft lip and palate, considering family social background, and children's ability of self monitoring their speech output while speaking. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty children (32 males and 18 females) mean age 6.5 ± 1.6 years, affected by(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality rate among patients with stage five chronic kidney disease (CKD) maintained on hemodialysis (HD) is high. Although evidence suggests that use of Vitamin D Receptor Activators (VDRA) in CKD patients increases survival, few studies have examined the effect of VDRA in incident HD patients. The FARO-2 study evaluated the clinical outcome of(More)
BACKGROUND Mineral Bone Disorders (MBD) is prevalent in hemodialysis (HD) patients and associated with increased cardiovascular mortality. The FARO-2 study evaluated the achievement of the NKF/K-DOQI guidelines on recommended target values for serum calcium (Ca), phosphorous (P) and intact parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels on survival in incident HD(More)
Fibrous histiocytomas are uncommon mesenchymal tumours of the soft tissue in the head and neck region. We report two cases that occurred in the oral cavity, one of a benign fibrous histiocytoma (BFH) and another of an angiomatoid variant of fibrous histiocytoma (AFH). BFH is a benign neoplasm composed of cells with fibroblastic and histiocytic(More)