Vincenzo-Maria Cappelleri

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We present a new technique for melanocytic lesion segmentation, Mimicking Expert Dermatologists' Segmentations (MEDS), and extensive tests of its accuracy, speed, and robustness. MEDS combines a thresholding scheme reproducing the cognitive process of dermatologists with a number of optimizations that may be of independent interest. MEDS is simple, with a(More)
We present a novel technique for melanocytic lesion segmentation, based on one-dimensional Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in colour space. Our technique is simple and extremely fast, segmenting highresolution images in a fraction of a second even with the modest computational resources available on a cell phone – an improvement of an order of magnitude(More)
We investigate community structure and interaction dynamics in online discussion forums through the lens of quotes, examining four forums of different size, language, and topic. Quote usage appears to have an important role in aiding intra-thread navigation, uncovers a hidden social structure in communities otherwise lacking all explicit signals (from(More)
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