Vincenzo Galati

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PURPOSE Generally, it is recommended that all urachal remnants be excised to avoid recurrent disease and possible malignant transformation later in life. However, spontaneous resolution with no need for further intervention has been reported. We reviewed the experience with urachal remnants at a single institution and evaluated which patients could be(More)
Patients with severe prune belly syndrome rarely survive beyond the first days of life. We present a case of prune belly syndrome that initially presented with severe oligohydramnios, megacystis and associated poor urine biochemistries. Due to an anteriorly located placenta the patient was referred to three major centers, but was turned down because of the(More)
Obstruction of a ureter secondary to tumor, fibrosis, or inflammation has been well documented in published reports. A review of English studies revealed no reported cases of hydronephrosis of a native kidney resulting from hyperstimulation of an ovary. We report a case of hydronephrosis in a woman undergoing ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization.(More)
Fetal megacystis, an abnormally enlarged bladder identified at any gestational age, may be transient and resolve spontaneously or may be an early manifestation of bladder outlet obstruction. Anterior urethral valves are the most common cause of the rare condition of congenital obstruction of the anterior urethra. Herein is reported the prenatal observation(More)
JO N 3042 ment. This is the first description of cerebral TB without pulmonary or other extrapulmonary involvement following Infliximab. We report a case of an Italian man, aged 50, affected by CD. The patient had received several courses of corticosteroids and mercaptopurine, unsuccessfully, and Infliximab treatment was suggested. No previous TB nor active(More)
The data are taken from a retrospective study of 24 patients with AIDS who developed CMV disease. This study was performed to detect the principal characteristics associated with the development of CMV disease. Age, sex, risk factors, the time interval between HIV seropositivity to CMV disease were examined, as well as efficacy of gancyclovir therapy in(More)
Fifty patients had nondiagnostic physical and roentgenographic examinations and were believed at high risk for exploratory thoracentesis. Negative echograms for pleural fluid were recorded for 13 patients. For 34 patients, the characteristic M-mode display of a central echo-free space, indicative of pleural fluid, was recorded. Aspiration yielded fluid that(More)
A 63-year-old woman with an incidentally detected 10-cm enhancing renal mass in the left moiety of a horseshoe kidney was treated with a transperitoneal hand-assisted laparoscopic (HAL) radical heminephrectomy. The operative time was 273 minutes, and estimated blood loss was 250 mL. To our knowledge, this is the initial case of HAL radical heminephrectomy(More)
A patient with a putrid pulmonary abscess that did not resolve developed massive aspiration of the contents of the cavity following a fiberoptic bronchoscopic procedure. Precautions for before and after a bronchoscopic procedure are suggested to prevent this catastrophic complication in patients with pulmonary abscesses.
BACKGROUND Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is an atypical parkinsonism clinically characterized by prominent axial extrapyramidal motor symptoms with frequent falls. The clinical response to L-dopa is poor and there is strong need for alternative treatment strategies. METHODS We tested the efficacy of a rehabilitative program combining a dynamic(More)