Vincenzo Galasso

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This paper presents empirical evidence and a theoretical foundation in favor of the view that the retirement age decision affects older workers’ employment prior to retirement. To the extent that there are search frictions on the labor market, the return on jobs is determined by their expected duration: the time to retirement is then key to understanding(More)
Many assemblies grant one or more of their members the right to block decisions even when a proposal has secured the necessary majority—a veto right. In this paper, I analyze the consequences of veto power in an infinitely repeated divide-the-dollar bargaining game with an endogenous status quo policy. The division of the dollar among legislators is(More)
Countries with low intragenerational redistribution in social security systems (Bismarckian) are associated with larger public pension expenditures, a smaller fraction of private pension and lower income inequality than countries with more redistributive social security (Beveridgean). This article introduces a bidimensional voting model to account for these(More)
Several explanations have been proposed for why voters continue to support unfunded social security systems. Browning (1975) suggests that the extremely large unfunded pension systems of most democracies depend on the existence of a voting majority composed of middle-aged and older people who fail to fully internalize the cost of financing the system. In(More)
Competing on Good Politicians Is electoral competition good for political selection? To address this issue, we introduce a theoretical model in which ideological parties select candidates between party loyalists and experts, and allocate them into the electoral districts. Non-ideological voters, who care about national and local policies, strongly prefer(More)
della Camera for their help and assistance with the collection and the interpretation of the data. A special thank to the Fondazione Rodolfo De Benedetti for their help and financial support. Landi also acknowledges the financial support from the Office of Research at Singapore Management University, and the hospitality of Servizio Prerogative e Immunita'(More)
This paper examines how political constraints can shape the social security system under different demographics. A steady-state mapping between relevant economic and demographic variables and the social security tax rate resulting from a majority voting is provided. I calibrate an OLG model to the U.S. economy. Calculations using census population and(More)
Cross-Skill Redistribution and the Tradeoff between Unemployment Benefits and Employment Protection We document the presence of a trade-off between unemployment benefits (UB) and employment protection legislation (EPL) in the provision of insurance against labor market risk. Different countries' locations along this trade-off represent stable, hard to(More)
E conomic models with multiple equilib-ria, such as Diamond and Dybvig (1983), have become increasingly useful in analyzing volatility in financial markets and in business cycles. In many of these models, indeterminacy is a result of incomplete financial markets or technological nonconvexities. Here we identify economic policy discretion to be another(More)
The Difficult Case of Persuading Women: Experimental Evidence from Childcare Gender stereotypes are well established also among women. Yet, a recent literature suggests that learning from other women experience about the effects of maternal employment on children outcomes may increase female labor force participation. To further explore this channel, we(More)