Vincenzo Fioriti

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The epidemic spreading of a disease can be described by a contact network whose nodes are persons or centers of contagion and links heterogeneous relations among them. We provide a procedure to identify multiple sources of an outbreak or their closer neighbors. Our methodology is based on a simple spectral technique requiring only the knowledge of the(More)
We derive a Kuramoto-like equation from the Cardell-Ilic distributed electrical generation network and use the resulting model to simulate the phase stability and the synchronization of a small electrical grid. In our model nodes are arranged in a regular lattice; the strength of their couplings are randomly chosen and allowed to vary as square waves.(More)
— During the last years man efforts have been devoted to inspect the interdependence among Critical Infrastructures. Even assuming that the asset owners are supposed to handle their own possible misbehaviours properly, critical events maybe triggered by infrastructure's interactions. Therefore the need to handle and possibly measure inter-dependencies.(More)
– Identifying the nodes of small sub-graphs with no a priori information is a hard problem. In this work, we want to find each node of a sparse sub-graph embedded in both dynamic and static background graphs, of larger average degree. We show that exploiting the summability over several background realizations of the Estrada-Benzi communicability and the(More)
Organizations can be modeled as complex systems. Here we consider complex economic organizations such as the stock exchange and show that the Kuramoto equation is a suitable model to forecast maxima or minima of the financial signals. 1 Introduction In this paper we give an interpretation of the internal dynamics of economic and financial markets in terms(More)
Recent advances in graph theory suggest that is possible to identify the oldest nodes of a network using only the graph topology. Here we report on applications to heterogeneous real world networks. To this end, and in order to gain new insights, we propose the theoretical framework of the Estrada communicability. We apply it to two technological networks(More)
In this paper we study the time delays affecting the diffusion of information in an underwater heterogeneous robot swarm in a time-sensitive environment. In many situations each member of the swarm must update its knowledge about the environment as soon as possible, thus every effort to expand the time horizon is useful. Otherwise critical information may(More)