Vincenzo Di Dio

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In this paper, the research of the optimal layout of photovoltaic (PV) modules in a PV array giving the maximum output power under different shaded working conditions is carried out. The particular condition of non uniform solar exposition of the modules is analyzed. The study of the different configurations has been carried out starting from a circuital(More)
In this paper, the design, sizing and set-up of a specific low cost electronic load, based on a DC-DC step-down converter, suitable for the PV module I - V characteristic curves determination, is described. In particular, for its set up, a low cost and user friendly micro-controller has been employed in order to generate the PWM signal. The measures carried(More)
In this paper an electronic load suitable for the PV module I-V characteristic curve fast detection is presented. This device is designed in agreement with the IEC 82 Techinical Committee Standard since it allows the detection of the characteristic starting from voltage values even lower than 3% of the PV module open circuit voltage. The device main(More)
In this paper a small scale prototype of sea wave energy converter for hydrogen production and storage is presented. Laboratory prototypes of the wave energy converter device and sea water electrolyzer are presented. Experimental results are shown. A cost-effective and efficient power electronics system is designed. Experimental waveforms of the wave energy(More)
The global photovoltaic (PV) market has been growing exponentially since almost twenty years. This huge demand for photovoltaic systems has been mainly driven by public subsidies in the form of a variety of national incentive schemes. However, in Countries where successful incentive schemes have been pioneered and are now - as planned - being brought to an(More)
This paper investigates the tolerance effects of commercial photovoltaic modules in terms of electrical energy reduction of photovoltaic plants. Several commercial modules, having the same rated power, present different power tolerance values. A wide tolerance is an indicator of possible defects or differences in the production process and is responsible of(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach to the design of a magnetostrictive electric power generator for energy harvesting from traffic, and we validate it experimentally. We use the dynamic Preisach hysteresis model (DPM) for magnetostrictive materials, operating in hysteretic and time-varying nonlinear regimes to design and simulate a magnetostrictive(More)
Recently linear synchronous generator for the exploitation of sea wave energy has been proposed. That solution does not require reactive power to magnetize but needs permanent magnets to assure the excitation. The electrical energy generated by such a device must be converted and conditioned in order to match the instantaneous utility requirements and a(More)
In this paper we present the result of an experimental weather buoy built by DEIM of University of Palermo, that is characterized by small cost and big versatility. This buoy is able to measure water column parameter and to transmit data to a remote center continuously. Maintenance requirements are low.
This paper introduces a versatile and reliable photovoltaic systems simulator. It includes the main components of a photovoltaic plant: a PV string and a PWM controlled boost chooper. The key feature of this simulator is the ability to consider different and non-uniform irradiation and temperature conditions (partial shading and partial heating of the(More)