Vincenzo Deufemia

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We present a framework for modeling visual notations and for generating the corresponding visual programming environments. The framework can be used for modeling the diagrammatic notations of software development methodologies, and to generate visual programming environments with CASE tools functionalities. This is accomplished through an underlying(More)
Recognizing hand-sketched symbols is a definitely complex problem. The input drawings are often intrinsically ambiguous, and require context to be interpreted in a correct way. Many existing sketch recognition systems avoid this problem by recognizing single segments or simple geometric shapes in a stroke. However, for a recognition system to be effective(More)
— Recovering design pattern instances in a software system can help maintainers to understand its design and implementation. In this paper we present a fully automated design pattern recovery approach that analyzes the behavior of pattern instances both statically and dynamically. In particular, the proposed approach exploits model checking to statically(More)
In this paper we present a new technique able to recover behavioral design pattern instances which combines static analysis, based on visual language parsing, with dynamic analysis, based on source code instrumentation. In particular, the dynamic analysis is performed through the automatic instrumentation of the method calls involved in the candidate(More)