Vincenzo D. Cunsolo

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✦ Abstract—Only commercial Cloud solutions have been implemented so far, offering computing resources and services for renting. Some interesting projects, such as Nimbus, OpenNEbula, Reservoir, work on Cloud. One of their aims is to provide a Cloud infrastructure able to provide and share resources and services for scientific purposes. The encouraging(More)
Even though mainly commercial Cloud solutions have been implemented so far, the Cloud computing approach is quickly and widely spreading in open contexts such as scientific and academic communities. Two main research directions can be identified in such context: to provide an <i>open</i> Cloud infrastructure able to share resources to the community; and to(More)
Technological trend and the advent of worldwide networks, such as the Internet, made computing systems more and more powerful, increasing both processing and storage capabilities. In Grid computing infrastructures, the data storage subsystem is physically distributed among several nodes and logically shared among several users. This highlights the necessity(More)