Vincenzo D'Andrea

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Improving web service discovery constitutes a vital step for making the Service Oriented Computing (SOC) vision of dynamic service selection, composition and deployment, a reality. Matching allows for comparing service requests of users with descriptions of available service implementations, and sits at the heart of the service discovery process. During the(More)
In response to recent financial scandals (e.g. those involving Enron, Fortis, Parmalat), new regulations for protecting the society from financial and operational risks of the companies have been introduced. Therefore, companies are required to assure compliance of their operations with those new regulations as well as those already in place. Regulations(More)
Services enable the transformation of the World Wide Web as distributed interoperable systems interacting beyond organizational boundaries. Service licensing enables broader usage of services and a means for designing business strategies and relationships. A service license describes the terms and conditions for the use and access of the service in a(More)
Web service technology provides a way for simplifying interoperability among different organizations. A piece of functionality available as a web service can be involved in a new business process. Given the steadily growing number of available web services, it is hard for developers to find services appropriate for their needs. The main research efforts in(More)
Assessing whether a company’s business practices conform to laws and regulations and follow standards and best practices, i.e., compliance governance, is a complex and costly task. Few software tools aiding compliance governance exist; however, they typically do not really address the needs of who is actually in charge of assessing and controlling(More)
Service-oriented computing and Web services are becoming more popular, enabling organizations to use the Web as a market for selling their own services and consuming existing services from others. Nevertheless, the more services are available, the more difficult it becomes to find the most appropriate service for a specific application. Existing approaches(More)
Licensing is the fundamental way for distribution of software, designing business relationships and strategies. The seamless explosion of web services demands a similar attention, in order to address legal and commercial issues. The nature of web services precludes the adoption of a license model as it stands now for software, requiring a detailed(More)
The aim of this study was to examine rat thymus innervation using denervation techniques and to explore the related micro-anatomical localization of dopamine, D1, D2 receptors and dopamine membrane transporter (DAT). In the thymus subcapsular region, the parenchymal cholinergic fibers belong exclusively to phrenic nerve branching. No somatic phrenic nerve(More)