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Improving web service discovery constitutes a vital step for making the Service Oriented Computing (SOC) vision of dynamic service selection, composition and deployment, a reality. Matching allows for comparing service requests of users with descriptions of available service implementations, and sits at the heart of the service discovery process. During the(More)
Web service technology provides a way for simplifying inter-operability among different organizations. A piece of functionality available as a web service can be involved in a new business process. Given the steadily growing number of available web services, it is hard for developers to find services appropriate for their needs. The main research efforts in(More)
The goal of this full-day workshop is to create a place where people can share experiences, plans, and questions about teaching Participatory Design (PD). We aim to create a context for all of us to talk about how we design and set up courses, what challenges we face and how we solve them. The workshop is for people who are interested in the way people(More)
— Governing business compliance with regulations , laws, best practices, contracts, and the like is not an easy task, and so far there are only limited software products available that help a company to express compliance rules and to analyze its compliance state. We argue that today's SOA-based way of implementing and conducting business (e.g., using Web(More)
Leveraging a service-oriented paradigm would significantly affect the way people build software systems. However, to achieve this ambitious vision a solid software development methodology should be in place, comprising specific, service-context patterns as well as appropriate supporting tools which altogether integrate methods and best practices into a(More)
Assessing whether a company's business practices conform to laws and regulations and follow standards and best practices, i.e., compliance gover-nance, is a complex and costly task. Few software tools aiding compliance go-vernance exist; however, they typically do not really address the needs of who is actually in charge of assessing and controlling(More)
In response to recent financial scandals (e.g. those involving Enron, Fortis, Parmalat), new regulations for protecting the society from financial and operational risks of the companies have been introduced. Therefore, companies are required to assure compliance of their operations with those new regulations as well as those already in place. Regulations(More)