Vincenzo Covelli

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Pathbase is a database that stores images of the abnormal histology associated with spontaneous and induced mutations of both embryonic and adult mice including those produced by transgenesis, targeted mutagenesis and chemical mutagenesis. Images of normal mouse histology and strain-dependent background lesions are also available. The database and the(More)
The aim of the study is to investigate the influence of diet treatment on bone marrow cells. Normal male Wistar rats were divided into six groups (n = 6 per group): control with normal diet (C), increased fructose (31 % w/w in fodder) (Fr) and high fatty (30 % w/w of animal fat in fodder) diet (Fa), and the same diets with vanadium complex ([VO(4,4′(More)
Biozzi MICE were obtained from an albino outbred stock by selective mating according to classical artificial selection methods, the criteria being either high (H) or low (L) antibody response to a defined immunogenic stimulus (Biozzi et al., 1975). Samples from divergent stabilized sublines were made available for lifespan and pathology observations to be(More)
RETICULUM cell sarcoma (RCS) is observed with an average final incidence of about 57 % and appears late in the life of untreated ageing (C57BI/Cne x C3H/Cne) Fl male mice (Covelli et al., 1973). RCS is practically the only type of lymphoma developing spontaneously in animals of this strain: the total number of control mice autopsied to date is well over 400(More)
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