Vincenzo Atella

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This paper investigates the way in which job mobility contributes to the emergence of a gender wage gap in the Italian labour market. We show that men experience higher wage growth than women during the first 10 years of their career, and that this difference is particularly large when workers move across firms. This gender mobility penalty is robust to the(More)
This paper studies the relationship between medical compliance and health outcomes - hospitalization and mortality rates - using a large panel of patients residing in a local health authority in Italy. These data allow us to follow individual patients through all their accesses to public health care services until they either die or leave the local health(More)
The study compares the cost-sharing (co-payment) arrangements for prescribed medicines in a sample of EU countries. Through a set of typical prescription scenarios, the cost burden to individual patients of prescriptions are examined, in the context of drug price, and from the perspective of therapeutic need. The cost to patients of medicines is(More)
The main goal of this paper is to estimate the preferences of the Italian society towards equity in order to verify whether preferences i) have changed across the years, and ii) can be related to specific socio-demographic characteristics. Introducing equity concerns in the implementation of economic policies is a fundamental problem faced by both(More)
experts on the Panel have reviewed all versions and provided extensive comments, some of which expressed disagreements with some of the methodological details. Throughout the process of developing the Methods, there has also been extensive consultation with IQWiG to ensure that the German context is well understood and IQWiG's needs were met. The panel(More)
Health risk is increasingly viewed as an important form of background risk that affects household portfolio decisions. However, its role might be mediated by the presence of a protective full-coverage national health service that could reduce households' probability of incurring current and future out-of-pocket medical expenditures. We use SHARE data to(More)
Aging and excessive adiposity are both associated with an increased risk of developing multiple chronic diseases, which drive ever increasing health costs. The main aim of this study was to determine the net (non-estimated) health costs of excessive adiposity and associated age-related chronic diseases. We used a prevalence-based approach that combines(More)
A strong analogy exists between over/under consumption of energy at the level of the human body and of the industrial metabolism of humanity. Both forms of energy consumption have profound implications for human, environmental, and global health. Globally, excessive fossil-fuel consumption, and individually, excessive food energy consumption are both(More)
We use instrumental variable methods to investigate whether the impact of parental smoking habits on their children's smoking decisions is a causal one. We …nd evidence of same-sex role models in two-parent households: mothers play a crucial role in determining their daughters'smoking decisions, while fathers' smoking habits are primarily imitated by their(More)
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