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Solid Na-β"-Al₂O₃ electrolyte is prepared by a simple chemical route involving a pseudo-boehmite precursor and thermal treatment. Boehmite powder is used for manufacturing the planar electrolyte with appropriate bulk density after firing at 1500 °C. The structure, morphology, and surface properties of precursor powders and sintered electrolytes are(More)
In this paper, the design of efficient composite membranes based on sulfonated polysulfone and acidic silica material with characteristics and properties such as methanol barrier, high proton conductivity and suitable fuel cells performance is presented. A positive influence of nanosized acidic silica powders, used as an additive filler in the preparation(More)
The current bottleneck to carbon nanotubes (CNT) application in composite materials field consists in the difficulty of dispersing them in solvents. As a result of strong van der Waals interactions, as produced CNTs are tightly bundled in ropes of several tubes, rendering the carbon-powder insoluble in aqueous and organic liquids and thus unprocessable. The(More)
The problems related to the differed time between production and use of electrical energy produced by renewable sources makes storage systems an integral part of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), especially for stand-alone systems. Furthermore, for grid-connected systems, the stability of the electric system and the quality and stability of the delivered(More)
In this work, the application of Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI) is employed for inspecting composite materials subject to thermal load. The composite samples are of interest in the aerospace industry. Through realtime surface illumination by visible laser (i.e. 532 nm), the ESPI technique allows the non-contact, non-destructive, full frame(More)
Direct combustion of fuel for transportation accounts for over half of greenhouse gas emissions and a significant fraction of air pollutant emissions. Because of growing demand, especially in developing countries, emissions of greenhouse and air pollutants from fuels will grow over the next century even with improving of technology efficiency. Most issues(More)
Abstract Several graphite-based electrodes are investigated for vanadium flow battery applications. These materials are characterized both as-received and after chemical or electrochemical treatments in order to vary the content of oxygen functional groups on the electrode surface. The surface properties of the samples are investigated by X-ray(More)
Objective This study assessed primary urethral reconstruction results in patients with a penile fracture. Materials and methods Between January 2005 and April 2016, patients who underwent primary urethral reconstruction due to penile fracture were called for a follow-up. Epidemiological and clinical presentation data and operative findings were reviewed(More)
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