Vincent Winstead

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Simulation step-size optimization based on an analytical step-size selection rule is extended to the waveform level simulation of polarized optical signal propagation through single mode optical fiber. Using local error bound obtained from a scalar simulation package, the prescribed global simulation accuracy can be satisfied in the simulation of(More)
A receding horizon optimal control approach is proposed to control a system in such a way as to best estimate on-line its states and parameters, without significantly degrading tracking performance or violating pointwise-in-time constraints. Several automotive examples are considered to illustrate the potential of the approach. They include: vehicle mass(More)
A local error method based on an analytical scheme previously developed for the scalar optical fiber channel is applied to the second-order symmetrized split-step Fourier simulation of polarization multiplexed signal propagation through dispersion compensated optical fiber links. It is found that the global simulation accuracy for the vector propagation can(More)
This study is motivated by a need to effectively determine the difference between a system fault and normal system operation under parametric uncertainty using eigenstructure analysis. This involves computational robustness of eigen-vectors in linear state space systems dependent upon uncertain parameters. The work involves the development of practical(More)
In recent years an increasing emphasis is being placed on the inclusion of multidisciplinary programs or in courses having multidisciplinary content. Including this content can be challenging especially among the various engineering disciplines. This is exacerbated by the challenges associated with making this type of course content accessible to a wide(More)
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