Vincent Wing-Hei Lau

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Research on 5G mobile wireless technologies has been very active in both academia and industry in the past few years. While there has been certain consensus on the overall requirements of 5G wireless systems (e.g., in data rate, network capacity, delay), various enabling wireless technologies have been considered and studied to achieve these performance(More)
The layered crystal MoS(2) has been proposed as an alternative to noble metals as the electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). However, the activity of this catalyst is limited by the number of available edge sites. It was previously shown that, by using an imidazolium ionic liquid as synthesis medium, nanometre-size crystal layers of(More)
There are several means to measure the oxidation of edible oils, such as the acid value, the peroxide value, and the anisidine value. However, these means require large quantities of reagents and are time-consuming tasks. Therefore, a more convenient and time-saving way to measure the oxidation of edible oils is required. In this report, an edible oil(More)
The heptazine-based polymer melon (also known as graphitic carbon nitride, g-C3N4) is a promising photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution. Nonetheless, attempts to improve its inherently low activity are rarely based on rational approaches because of a lack of fundamental understanding of its mechanistic operation. Here we employ molecular heptazine-based(More)
Synthetic solvent systems for the fine-tuned preparation of CdS nanocrystallites, active in visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen production, were studied. To control crystallite size and spectral properties, the CdS crystals were synthesised by using different solvent systems, containing a series of tetrabutylammonium amino carboxylate ionic liquids as the(More)
Roll Call President Patricia Chase welcomed the Board and staff members present at the Westin Crystal City at 9:10 a.m. on October 28, 2014. The following Board members participated in the discussion: David D. Allen (Council of Deans), Robert B. Blouin (Council of Deans), Cynthia J. Boyle (President-elect), J. Chris Bradberry (Treasurer), Craig D. Cox(More)
Cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide are two commonly used DNA-alkylating agents in cancer chemotherapy that undergo biotransformation to several toxic and non-toxic metabolites, including acrolein and chloroacetaldehyde (CAA). Acrolein and CAA toxicities occur by several different mechanisms, including ROS formation and protein damage (oxidation), however,(More)
The hepatitis B virus (HBV) core protein serves multiple essential functions in the viral life cycle, and antiviral agents that target the core protein are being developed. Capsid assembly modulators (CAMs) are compounds that target core and misdirect capsid assembly, resulting in the suppression of HBV replication and virion production. Besides HBV DNA,(More)
The peak-to-average ratio (PAR) of a signal is an important parameter in CDMA systems because it determines the backoff factor that needs to be applied to the power amplifier in order to avoid clipping of the input signal and hence spectral regrowth. In this chapter, we analyze the PAR of the signals from several CDMA systems, namely, the single-carrier(More)