Vincent W. Tadaiesky

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Text-to-speech (TTS) is currently a mature technology that is used in many applications. Some modules of a TTS depend on the language and, while there are many public resources for English, the resources for some underrepresented languages are still limited. This work describes the development of a complete TTS system for Brazilian Portuguese which expands(More)
Data analysis plays an important role in our Information Era; however, most of statistical and machine learning algorithms were not developed to tackle the ubiquitous issue of missing values. In pattern classification, several strategies have been proposed to handle this problem, where missing data imputation is the most used one, which can be viewed as an(More)
Bio-inspired techniques like Genetic Algorithms have a comprehensive applicability to optimization problems. Given the ease of parallelism implementation inherent of these techniques several researches have been developed in such area making use of parallel platforms, especially the CUDA platform. However, the majority of these works are focused on(More)
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