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—We consider the problem of detecting network faults. Our focus is on detection schemes that send probes both proactively and non-adaptively. Such schemes are particularly relevant to all-optical networks, due to these networks' operational characteristics and strict performance requirements. This fault diagnosis problem motivates a new technical framework(More)
— Current optical networks are migrating to wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)-based fiber transport between traditional electronic multiplexers/demultiplexers, routers, and switches. Passive optical add–drop WDM networks have emerged but an optical data network that makes full use of the technologies of dynamic optical routing and switching exists only(More)
—In our previous work [Chan et al., " Optical flow switching, " in BROADNETS 2006, pp. 1–8; We-ichenberg et al., " Cost-efficient optical network archi-tectures, " in ECOC 2006, pp. 1–2; Weichenberg et al., " On the throughput-cost tradeoff of multi-tiered optical network architectures, " GLOBECOM '06, pp. 1–6], we presented optical flow switching (OFS) as(More)