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BACKGROUND Botswana's health care system is based on a primary care model. Various national guidelines exist for specific diseases. However, most of the guidelines address management at a tertiary level and often appear nonapplicable for the limited resources in primary care facilities. An integrated symptom-based guideline was developed so as to translate(More)
BACKGROUND Family Medicine (FM) training is new in Botswana. No previous evaluation of the experiences and opinions of residents of the University of Botswana (UB) Family Medicine training programme has been reported. AIMS This study explored and assessed residents' experiences and satisfaction with the FM training programme at the UB and solicited(More)
BACKGROUND  Childhood malnutrition is an important risk factor for child mortality and underlies close to 50% of child deaths worldwide. Previous studies have found an association between maternal depression and child malnutrition, but it is not known whether this association exists in Botswana. In addition, previous studies excluded non-maternal primary(More)
Family medicine is a new specialty in Botswana and many African countries and its definitionand scope are still evolving. In this region, healthcare is constrained by resource limitation andinefficiencies in resource utilisation. Experiences in countries with good health indicators canhelp inform discussions on the future of family medicine in Africa.(More)
1 The Ouagadougu Declaration similarly states that the vehicle for achieving the Millennium Development Goals and addressing the health of African nations is Primary Health Care (PHC). Associations of General Practitioners and/or Family Physicians (WONCA), said that family doctors have always been the backbone of health care, and the bedrock of(More)
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