Vincent Salzgeber

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Power consumption has become a critical issue in large scale clusters. Existing solutions for addressing the servers' energy consumption suggest "shrinking" the set of active machines, at least until the more power-proportional hardware devices become available. This paper demonstrates that leveraging the sleeping state, however, may lead to unacceptably(More)
Many companies have to share various types of information containing private data without being aware about the threats related to such non-controlled disclosure. Therefore we propose a solution to support these companies to evaluate the disclosure risk for all their types of data; by recommending the safest configurations using a smart bootstrapping system.
Data sharing is a valuable tool for improving security. It allows integrating information from multiple sources to better identify and respond to global security threats. On the other side, sharing of data is limited by privacy and confidentiality. A possible solution is removing or obfuscating part of the data before release (anonymization), and, to this(More)
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