Vincent S. Staggs

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OBJECTIVE To enhance understanding of how nurse staffing relates to unassisted falls by exploring non-linear associations between unassisted fall rates and levels of registered nurse (RN) and non-RN staffing on 5 nursing unit types, thereby enabling managers to improve patient safety by making better-informed decisions about staffing. DESIGN(More)
BACKGROUND Time trends and seasonal patterns have been observed in nurse staffing and nursing-sensitive patient outcomes in recent years. It is unknown whether these changes were associated. METHODS Quarterly unit-level nursing data in 2004-2012 were extracted from the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®). Units were divided into(More)
Our work characterizes the effects of opiate (morphine) dependence on auditory brainstem and visual evoked responses in a rhesus macaque model of neuro-AIDS utilizing a chronic continuous drug delivery paradigm. The goal of this study was to clarify whether morphine is protective, or if it exacerbates simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)-related systemic and(More)
High rates of childbearing desires (59%) and serodiscordant partnerships (50%) among people living with HIV (PHLA) in Uganda highlight the need for safer conception counseling (SCC). Provider attitudes about counseling PLHA on the use of safer conception methods (SCM) have been explored in qualitative studies, but published quantitative investigations are(More)
OBJECTIVE The study examined associations between staffing levels by registered nurses (RNs) and non-RNs on psychiatric units and the rate of injurious assaults against hospital personnel, the rate of injurious assaults against other patients, and the total rate of injurious assaults. METHODS Generalized mixed models were used to analyze 2011-2013 data(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers have studied inpatient falls in relation to aspects of nurse staffing, focusing primarily on staffing levels and proportion of nursing care hours provided by registered nurses (RNs). Less attention has been paid to other nursing characteristics, such as RN national nursing specialty certification. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was(More)
BACKGROUND Although it is plausible that nurse staffing is associated with use of physical restraints in hospitals, this has not been well established. This may be due to limitations in previous cross-sectional analyses lacking adequate control for unmeasured differences in patient-level variables among nursing units. OBJECTIVE To conduct a longitudinal(More)
Despite the importance of early detection to signal lifesaving treatment initiation for HIV+ infants, early infant diagnosis (EID) services have received considerably less attention than other aspects of prevention of mother to child transmission care. This study draws on baseline data from an on-going cluster randomized study of an intervention to improve(More)
Hospital performance reports often include rankings of unit pressure ulcer rates. Differentiating among units on the basis of quality requires reliable measurement. Our objectives were to describe and apply methods for assessing reliability of hospital-acquired pressure ulcer rates and evaluate a standard signal-noise reliability measure as an indicator of(More)