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Psoriasis is a complex inflammatory disease, and in women the incidence is high in child-bearing years. Treatment during pregnancy presents genuine challenges since management requires adequate assessment of the extent of disease, comorbidity, and potential risk to the fetus. Scientific evidence is scarce on the effects that certain drugs have on fetal(More)
Editor A 61-year-old man was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the colon and multiple liver metastases in April 2008. A left hemicolectomy was performed and six cycles of FOLFOX chemotherapy were administered from June to September, the same year. Liver metastases decreased significantly in size after 12 cycles. In May 2009, CEA and metastases increased,(More)
Scarce scientific evidence is available to define the precise effects that certain drugs might have on embryonic and fetal development if taken by pregnant women with psoriasis, given the ethical concerns that preclude enrolling such women in clinical trials. The little information on the use of biologics during gestation that has been published is based on(More)
Diagnostic Criteria, and Genetic Risks to Family Members/Counseling Definitive diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome requires a cytogenic analysis of the patient in question. However, physical manifestations may play an important role in the diagnosis of an affected individual. Although physical manifestations of Klinefelter syndrome are extremely variable,(More)
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