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Impact of uncertainty in tree mortality on the predictions of a tropical forest dynamics model. Input factor bound Parameter tuning Individual-based spatially explicit model Felling a b s t r a c t A sensitivity analysis on the impact of uncertainty in tree mortality on the predictions of an individual-based spatially explicit forest dynamics model (SELVA)(More)
Meso- and submesoscales (fronts, eddies, filaments) in surface ocean flow have a crucial influence on marine ecosystems. Their dynamics partly control the foraging behavior and the displacement of marine top predators (tuna, birds, turtles, and cetaceans). In this work we focus on the role of submesoscale structures in the Mozambique Channel in the(More)
Marine mammal mass strandings have occurred for millions of years, but their origins defy singular explanations. Beyond human causes, mass strandings have been attributed to herding behaviour, large-scale oceanographic fronts and harmful algal blooms (HABs). Because algal toxins cause organ failure in marine mammals, HABs are the most common mass stranding(More)
Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (EBUS) are characterized by a high productivity of plankton associated with large commercial fisheries, thus playing key biological and socio-economical roles. Since they are populated by several physical oceanic structures such as filaments and eddies, which interact with the biological processes, it is a major challenge(More)
The Mediterranean and Black Seas are semi-enclosed basins characterized by high environmental variability and growing anthropogenic pressure. This has led to an increasing need for a bioregionalization of the oceanic environment at local and regional scales that can be used for managerial applications as a geographical reference. We aim to identify(More)
PURPOSE There is significant variation in how patients respond to cortical electrical stimulation. It has been hypothesized that individual demographic and pathologic factors, such as age, sex, disease duration, and MRI findings, may explain this discrepancy. The purpose of our study is to identify specific patient characteristics and their effect on(More)
Autocorrelation offsets zero-inflation in models of tropical saplings density. Ecol. a b s t r a c t Modelling the local density of tropical saplings can provide insights into the ecological processes that drive species regeneration and thereby help predict population recovery after disturbance. Yet, few studies have addressed the challenging issues in(More)
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