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Research studies with antisocial children have posited that multiple etiologies, including ineffective parenting, can produce psychopathic traits. The current study evaluated 136 Hispanic females and found that poor parenting predicted psychopathology and poor behavioral controls. Effective clinical interventions with antisocial children should focus on(More)
This study examined the factor structure and psychometric properties of the Self-Description Questionnaire-I (SDQ-I) in a sample of Mexican American children. Findings provide support for both the classic multidimensional and hierarchical SDQ factor structure and a nonhierarchical model that incorporates a dimension not included in the classic model (i.e.,(More)
Overall HIV test coverage among pregnant women in Brazil is 62%, but only 41% in northeastern Brazil. We aimed to identify risk factors for unawareness of HIV status among pregnant women and determine test coverage up to 14th week of pregnancy. We conducted a case-control study in a reference maternity hospital for high-risk pregnancy in Recife, where 485(More)
i Delivering Culturally Effective Health Care to Adolescents Acknowledgments Most books don't write themselves, although this workbook assumed a life of its own by seeming to exert strong control over its content on a number of occasions. So, as authors, we listened when it seemed to be telling us something important. One of the things that the book(More)
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