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Various authors have noted that interethnic group and intraethnic group racism are significant stressors for many African Americans. As such, intergroup and intragroup racism may play a role in the high rates of morbidity and mortality in this population. Yet, although scientific examinations of the effects of stress have proliferated, few researchers have(More)
UNLABELLED Botanical work since 2008 on the Sleeping Giant section of the Kamdebooberge (Sneeuberg mountain complex, Eastern Cape, South Africa) has indicated that these mountains may be of significant conservation value. Accordingly, a precursory, rapid multi-disciplinary biodiversity assessment was undertaken in January 2011, focusing on plants, tetrapod(More)
In a series of studies, cardiac activity, assessed with an impedance cardiograph, was monitored as college students performed either a visual search or pursuit rotor task. Heart rate, systolic time intervals, stroke volume, cardiac output and the Heather (1969) index of contractility were measured before, during and after performance. In the first study,(More)
Cardiovascular psychophysiologists are employing emerging non-invasive technologies to chart the changes in a variety of parameters of cardiac activity as psychological tasks are performed. One technique, impedance cardiography, makes it possible to assess cardiac output and contractile force while psychological tasks are being performed. This study was(More)
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