Vincent Picard

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Stochastic approaches in systems biology are being used increasingly to model the heterogeneity and the intrinsic stochasticity of living systems, especially at the single-cell level. The stochastic simulation algorithm – also known as the Gillespie algorithm – is currently the most widely used method to simulate the time course of a system of bio-chemical(More)
Designing probabilistic reaction models and determining their stochastic kinetic parameters are major issues in systems biology. To assist in the construction of reaction network models, we introduce a logic that allows one to express asymptotic properties about the steady-state stochastic dynamics of a reaction network. Basically, the formulas can express(More)
The photofragmentation of protonated tryptophan has been investigated in a unique experimental setup, in which ion and neutral issued from the photofragmentation are detected in coincidence, in time and in position. From these data are extracted the kinetic energy, the number of neutral fragments associated with an ion, their masses, and the order of the(More)
Sea urchin eggs exhibit a cap-dependent increase in protein synthesis within minutes after fertilization. This rise in protein synthesis occurs at a constant rate for a great number of proteins translated from the different available mRNAs. Surprisingly, we found that cyclin B, a major cell-cycle regulator, follows a synthesis pattern that is distinct from(More)
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