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Development and initial psychometric assessment of the rape avoidance inventory
Abstract Rape is a traumatic event with severe consequences for women. Therefore, women may have evolved psychological mechanisms that motivate them to avoid circumstances linked with rape. WeExpand
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Perceived risk of female infidelity moderates the relationship between men’s personality and partner-directed violence
We hypothesized that men’s personality traits interact with men’s perceived risk of partner’s infidelity to predict men’s partner-directed violence. Moderation analyses of data provided by 467 men inExpand
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Individual Differences in Women’s Rape Avoidance Behaviors
Rape can exact severe psychological, physical, and reproductive costs on women, and likely was a recurrent adaptive problem over human evolutionary history. Therefore, women may have evolvedExpand
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Risk of sperm competition moderates the relationship between men's satisfaction with their partner and men's interest in their partner's copulatory orgasm
Abstract Sperm competition occurs when the sperm of multiple males concurrently occupy a female’s reproductive tract and compete for fertilization. Sperm competition may have been a recurrentExpand
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Book Review: The Molecular Genetic Footprints of Evolution1
Sean B. Carroll, professor of molecular biology and genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, injects three decades of research and experience into The Making of the Fittest: DNA and theExpand