Vincent M. Miskowski

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The synthesis and X-ray structural and spectroscopic characterization for LAuC triple bond CAuL x 4CHCl(3) and LAuC triple bond C--C triple bond CAuL x 2CH(2)Cl(2) (1 x 4CHCl(3) and 2 x 2CH(2)Cl(2), respectively; L = PCy(3), tricyclohexylphosphine) are reported. The bridging C(n)(2-) units are structurally characterized as acetylene or diacetylene units,(More)
Absorption and emission spectra of Pt(diimine)L2 complexes (diimine = 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy) or 4,4'-dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridine (dmbpy); L = pyrazolate (pz-), 3,5-dimethylpyrazolate (dmpz-), or 3,4,5-trimethylpyrazolate (tmpz-)) have been measured. Solvent-sensitive absorption bands (370-440 nm) are attributed to spin-allowed metal-to-ligand charge-transfer(More)
The electronic structure of the binuclear copper complex [Cu(2)(L)](3+) [L = N(CH(2)CH(2)N(H)CH(2)CH(2)N(H)CH(2)CH(2))(3)N] has been investigated by resonance Raman and electroabsorption spectroscopy. Crystallographic Cu(2) distances of 2.364(1) and 2.415(1) A determined for the nitrate and acetate salts, respectively, are consistent with a substantial(More)
We present studies of the resonance Raman and electronic luminescence spectra of the [Au(2)(dmpm)(3)](ClO(4))(2) (dmpm = bis(dimethylphosphine)methane) complex, including excitation into an intense band at 256 nm and into a weaker absorption system centered about approximately 300 nm. The resonance Raman spectra confirm the assignment of the 256 nm(More)
Tunable dye laser excitation in the intense similar to 600-nm absorption band of azurin, plastocyanin, and ceruloplasmin provides resonance enhanced Raman spectra. They consist of a complex set of bands, at least three or four in number, between 350 and 473 cm-1, which are assignable to Cu-N or Cu-O bond stretching, and a weak band near 270 cm-1, which(More)
The anion [Au2(CS3)2]2- has an unusually short Au-Au distance (2.80 A) for a binuclear Au(I) complex. We report detailed Raman studies of the nBu4N+ salt of this complex, including FT-Raman of the solid and UV/vis resonance Raman of dimethyl sulfoxide solutions. All five totally symmetric vibrations of the anion have been located and assigned. A band at(More)
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