Vincent M. Dwyer

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This work presents a detailed case study in customizing a configurable, extensible, 32-bit RISC processor with vector/SIMD instruction extensions for the efficient execution of block-based video-coding algorithms utilizing a proprietary co-design environment. In addition to the default Full-Search motion estimation of the MPEG-2 Test Model 5, fourteen fast(More)
A limiting case model, developed earlier to provide a conservative estimate of the proportion of non-sterile items (P) in an irradiated population of items contaminated with micro-organisms of a single type, has been extended to include items having organisms of different types. Estimates of P are compared with exact values derived on purely theoretical(More)
Electromigration driven void dynamics plays an important role in the reliability of copper interconnects; a proper understanding of which is made more difficult due to local variations in line microstructure. In simulations, the parameter which best incorporates these variations is the effective atomic diffusivity Deff which is sensitive to grain size and(More)
The exciting possibilities in the field of new quantum technologies extend far beyond the well-reported application of quantum computing. Precision timing, gravity sensors and imagers, cryptography, navigation, metrology, energy harvesting and recovery, biomedical sensors and imagers, and real-time optimisers all indicate the potential for quantum(More)
We discuss VThreads, a novel VLIW CMP with hardware-assisted shared-memory Thread support. VThreads supports Instruction Level Parallelism via static multiple-issue and Thread Level Parallelism via hardware-assisted POSIX Threads along with extensive customization. It allows the instantiation of tightly-coupled streaming accelerators and supports up to(More)