Vincent M. Dwyer

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This work presents a detailed case study in customizing a configurable, extensible, 32-bit RISC processor with vector/SIMD instruction extensions for the efficient execution of block-based video-coding algorithms utilizing a proprietary co-design environment. In addition to the default Full-Search motion estimation of the MPEG-2 Test Model 5, fourteen fast(More)
Electromigration driven void dynamics plays an important role in the reliability of copper interconnects; a proper understanding of which is made more difficult due to local variations in line microstructure. In simulations, the parameter which best incorporates these variations is the effective atomic diffusivity D eff which is sensitive to grain size and(More)
A limiting case model, developed earlier to provide a conservative estimate of the proportion of non-sterile items (P) in an irradiated population of items contaminated with micro-organisms of a single type, has been extended to include items having organisms of different types. Estimates of P are compared with exact values derived on purely theoretical(More)