Vincent Loriette

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Structured illumination microscopy is a recent imaging technique that aims at going beyond the classical optical resolution by reconstructing high-resolution (HR) images from low-resolution (LR) images acquired through modulation of the transfer function of the microscope. The classical implementation has a number of drawbacks, such as requiring a large(More)
We describe an instrument for measuring the magnitude of birefringence of tomographic images and the principal directions of axes that use thermal-light polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography. The instrument permits full-field measurements with an axial resolution of 1.5 microm and a transverse resolution limited by diffraction. We obtained a(More)
A method for measuring birefringence by use of thermal-light polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography is presented. The use of thermal light brings to polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography a resolution in the micrometer range in three dimensions. The instrument is based on a Linnik interference microscope and makes use of achromatic(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method to reconstruct high resolution images from structured illumination microscopy. It consists of estimating the illumination pattern parameters with a multi-scale analysis in the Fourier domain and filtering the significative features with a statistical test. Our method is fast and automatic, aiming at being(More)
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