Vincent Lombart

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We propose a new version of rippling, called relational rippling. Rippling is a heuristic for guiding proof search, especially in the step cases of inductive proofs. Relational rippling is designed for representations in which value passing is by shared existential variables, as op­ posed to function nesting. Thus relational rip­ pling can be used to guide(More)
The rippling heuristic has been rather successfully used to guide inductive proofs in a functional framework. We present here how that heuristic can be formalized in a relational framework, more adapted to logic programming. The rippling heuristic is rst analysed to identify its key components. A formalization of these to a relational framework is then(More)
In this paper, we present a basic set of methods to guide a proof in the Whelk logic program synthesis system. Starting from the methods used in the Oyster/CL A M system, designed for a functional context, we developed some proof \critics" to solve the cases in which those methods are blocked in a relational context. The application of those methods and(More)
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