Vincent L Marquis

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Outcome 4-6 years after retreatment was assessed for Phases 3 and 4 of the Toronto Study. Of 477 teeth retreated, 333 were lost to follow-up, 18 were extracted, and 126 (41% recall, excluding 124 discontinuers) were examined for outcome of healed (periapical index score, < or = 2; no signs or symptoms) or diseased. When pooled with Phases 1 and 2, 187 of(More)
The 4- to 6-year outcome of initial endodontic treatment was assessed for phase III (1998-1999) of the Toronto Study. Of the 532 teeth treated, 248 were from discontinuers (excluded), 142 from dropouts, 10 extracted, and 132 (50% recall) examined for outcome: healed (no apical periodontitis [AP], signs, symptoms) or diseased. Phase III was analyzed alone(More)
A quick and simple method was developed for determination of formaldehyde in maple syrup. In this method, formaldehyde reacts with Fluoral P to form a complex which is chemically extracted by isobutanol and determined by spectrofluorimetry. Performance, as gauged by the limits of detection (0.16 mg/kg) and quantitation (0.21 mg/kg), recovery (>79%), and(More)
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