Vincent Jouffe

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We present a comparative analysis of two genome fragments isolated from a diverse and widely distributed group of uncultured euryarchaea from deep-sea hydrothermal vents. The optimal activity and thermostability of a DNA polymerase predicted in one fragment were close to that of the thermophilic archaeon Thermoplasma acidophilum, providing evidence for a(More)
TropGeneDB ( was created to store genetic, molecular and phenotypic data on tropical crop species. The most common data stored in TropGeneDB are molecular markers, quantitative trait loci, genetic and physical maps, genetic diversity, phenotypic diversity studies and information on genetic resources (geographic origin, parentage,(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray studies can supplement QTL studies by suggesting potential candidate genes in the QTL regions, which by themselves are too large to provide a limited selection of candidate genes. Here we provide a case study where we explore ways to integrate QTL data and microarray data for the pig, which has only a partial genome sequence. We(More)
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