Vincent Jetté Pomerleau

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We studied the interaction between the control mechanisms subserving spatial attention and central attention using the psychological refractory period (PRP) paradigm. Two stimuli, a pure tone (T(1)) and a circular visual array (T(2)), including a salient target and a salient distractor, were presented at varying stimulus onset asynchronies, each requiring a(More)
We investigated how target colour affected behavioural and electrophysiological results in a visual search task. Perceptual and attentional mechanisms were tracked using the N2pc component of the event-related potential and other lateralised components. Four colours (red, green, blue, or yellow) were calibrated for each participant for luminance through(More)
Previous work found a significant reduction of the amplitude of the N2pc ERP component during the attentional blink in response to lateral visual targets, suggesting that the allocation of attention to visual targets is impaired during the attentional blink. Recent theorizing on the processes reflected by the N2pc suggests the possibility of distinct sets(More)
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