Vincent Jadoulle

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OBJECTIVES In the controversy for alexithymia as a state or a trait dimension, recent studies showed that, whereas absolute changes (i.e., extent of alexithymia scores change over time) were observed, alexithymia was relatively stable (i.e., extent to which relative differences among individuals remain the same over time). The present study extended this(More)
AIMS Depression and anxiety are so common in hemodialysis (HD) patients that we found it useful to study the respective contributions of the subjective somatic sensations and of the objective medical comorbidity to psychological distress. We also hypothesized that denial has a protective effect against anxiety and depression, and that alexithymia is, on the(More)
AIMS To compare ways of coping with breast cancer in acute and chronic periods and to approach their efficiency on psychological adaptation at each time. METHODS Psychometric evaluation of 151 breast cancer women the day before surgery (T1), and of 107 of them 6 months later (T2), with self-rated questionnaires (CHIP Scale, HADS), "t Student" tests,(More)
Patients and families often put forward psychosocial determinants to explain occurring or progression of cancer disease. The idea of a psychogenesis in cancer is widely spread by the surrounding culture. Nevertheless, the scientific research in this field brought very contradictory results, and often rests on debatable methods. Some authors hypothesize that(More)
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