Vincent Hs Chang

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Cancer is the result of a multistep process of genomic alterations, including mutations in key regulatory proteins that result in loss of balanced gene expression and subsequent malignant transformation. Throughout the various stages of colorectal carcinoma (CRC), complex genetic alterations occur, of which over-expression of growth factors, such as(More)
Developing lung cancer in mouse models that display similarities of both phenotype and genotype will undoubtedly provide further and better insights into lung tumor biology. Moreover, a high degree of pathophysiological similarity between lung tumors from mouse models and their human counterparts will make it possible to use these mouse models for(More)
This article reviews the techniques of motor and sensory nerve conduction studies and needle electromyography methods, which are particularly useful for localizing nerve injuries in upper extremity and hand trauma. Included are details of methods for detecting and quantifying the degree of axon loss and for using this information to make treatment decisions(More)
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