Vincent Holten

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Twenty years ago Poole et al. suggested that the anomalous properties of supercooled water may be caused by a critical point that terminates a line of liquid-liquid separation of lower-density and higher-density water. Here we present a thermodynamic model based on this hypothesis, which describes all available experimental data for supercooled water with(More)
We review the available experimental information on the thermodynamic properties of supercooled water and demonstrate the possibility of modeling these thermodynamic properties on a theoretical basis. We show that by assuming the existence of a liquid-liquid critical point in supercooled water, the theory of critical phenomena can give an accurate account(More)
Thermodynamic properties of the ST2 model for supercooled liquid water exhibit anomalies similar to those observed in real water. A possible explanation of these anomalies is the existence of a metastable, liquid-liquid transition terminated by a critical point. This phenomenon, whose possible existence in real water is the subject of much current(More)
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