Vincent Healy

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Fifty years ago, Hans Ussing described the mechanism by which ions are actively transported across frog skin. Since then, an enormous amount of effort has been invested in determining the cellular and molecular specifics of the transport mechanisms and their regulatory pathways. Ion transport in high-resistance epithelia is regulated by a variety of(More)
AIM This study in the anaesthetized rat investigated how renal sympathetic nerve activity and catecholamine release influenced NHE3 abundance and activity in proximal tubular brush border membranes using both in vivo and in vitro approaches. METHODS Renal excretory function and brush border NHE3 abundance and activity were measured in rat kidneys which(More)
In this study, we show that 17beta-Estradiol (E2) induced the proliferation of T84 colonic carcinoma cells. We, further, investigated the mechanisms underlying this proliferation and show that E2 induced c-fos protooncogene expression in T84 cells in a timescale consistent with a rapid non-genomic action of the hormone. Furthermore, E2 rapidly(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, the mechanism of the rapid non-genomic effect of aldosterone on Na(+)/H(+) exchanger (NHE)-mediated intracellular pH (pH(i)) recovery from an acid load in murine M-1 cortical collecting duct cells was assessed. METHODS Spectrofluorescence microscopy and Western blot analysis was carried out and NH(4)Cl was used to induce the acid(More)
Mammary epithelial cells in primary cell culture require both growth factors and specific extracellular matrix (ECM)-attachment for survival. Here we demonstrate for the first time that inhibition of the ECM-induced Erk 1/Erk 2 (p42/44 MAPK) pathway, by PD 98059, leads to apoptosis in these cells. Associated with this cell death is a possible compensatory(More)
Chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH) causes upper airway muscle dysfunction. We hypothesized that the superoxide generating NADPH oxidase (NOX) is upregulated in CIH-exposed muscle causing oxidative stress. Adult male Wistar rats were exposed to intermittent hypoxia (5% O2 at the nadir for 90 s followed by 210 s of normoxia), for 8 h per day for 14 days. The(More)
Pathophysiological states, including cardiovascular and renal diseases, are characterized by oxidative stress but what is less clear is whether physiological challenges incur a degree of altered oxidative metabolism. To this end, this study examined whether exposure to a high dietary sodium intake could cause an oxidative stress at the kidney. Animals,(More)
The fruiting body of the basidiomycete fungus Armillaria mellea produces a lysine-specific proteinase which exhibits both potent fibrinolytic activity and a remarkable resistance to denaturing agents. An improved purification protocol has been developed for this enzyme and the sequence of the 26 N-terminal amino acid residues of the pure protein has been(More)
Gamma(2)-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (γ2MSH) is a peptide hormone released by the pituitary gland which is thought to act directly on the renal inner medulla to promote increased sodium excretion into urine (natriuresis). The aim of this study was to determine if a stable analog, [Nle(3), D-Phe(6)]-γ2MSH (NDP-γ2MSH), of the native peptide regulated the(More)