Vincent Hazebroucq

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Eleven cases of subcapsular hepatic necrosis were found in 47 hepatic transplantation patients who underwent CT examination between the second and 14th postoperative day. CT examinations of all 11 cases showed nonenhancing hypodense subcapsular areas with irregular contours in the liver. Major vessels were free of obstruction. Anatomic correlation, possible(More)
OBJECTIVE Progress in the treatment of acromegaly with drugs is making it necessary to improve the prediction of the outcome of transsphenoidal surgery. DESIGN We evaluated clinical, hormonal and radiologic predictors based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of surgical outcome in patients with acromegaly. METHODS This retrospective analysis included(More)
Deficits of the lower cranial nerves (nerves IX, X, XI, and XII) occurring after treatment of skull base tumors may cause disabling swallowing disorders. To assess the mechanisms of swallowing disorders involved in such cases, we performed functional examinations: a videoendoscopic swallowing study and simultaneous manometry and videofluoroscopy in 7(More)
A prospective study was conducted to evaluate azithromycin in combination with pyrimethamine for treatment of acuteToxoplasma encephalitis in patients with AIDS. Of the 14 patients given 75 mg pyrimethamine and 500 mg azithromycin daily for four weeks, eight were evaluable for clinical response. Five responded favorably, one had an intermediate response and(More)
PURPOSE To assess methods of imaging postoperative changes in the eyeball by performing in vitro and in vivo studies of the main solid and fluid materials used in the treatment of cataract and retinal detachment. MATERIALS AND METHODS The samples were analyzed in vitro with computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging performed at 0.5 T.(More)
Surgical treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism (HPT) is effective in 90% of cases. Recurrent or persistent HPT occurs in 10% of cases. Parathyroid imaging is indicated to confirm and locate an abnormal gland before reoperation. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the combination of 99Tcm sestamibi scintigraphy, MRI and venous blood sampling(More)
One case of bifidity of the superior sagittal sinus, resulting in a false "empty delta sign", is presented. The authors emphasize the importance of the indirect signs of sinovenous thrombosis, i.e. cerebral edema and multiple or bilateral hemorrhagic infarcts, in the diagnosis of true empty delta sign.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the current report is to evaluate the ability of videoendoscopic swallowing study in assessing pharyngeal propulsion and aspiration episodes when compared with videofluoroscopy and manometry. STUDY DESIGN Prospective study. METHODS Thirty-four patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia underwent videoendoscopy of swallowing to assess(More)
In order to stabilize the curves of a surgically remodelled breast, Bustos associated to a periareolar mammaplasty a synthetic internal supporting lamina. At the beginning, in 1985, a smooth perforated silicone sheet was used. Since then, other materials were proposed (radioopaque ou radiotransparent, resorbable or not). Because of their superficial(More)
After removal, the maxilla and the mandible are placed on a standard radiologic cassette and a X-ray is performed with a low energy beam. Different views can be obtained if required. These radiographic images provide a complete, permanent and detailed record of dental anatomy and restorations, for comparison with antemortem radiographies. Two examples are(More)