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Mobile interaction can potentially be enhanced with well-designed haptic control and display. However, advances have been limited by a vicious cycle whereby inadequate haptic technology obstructs inception of vitalizing applications. We present the first stages of a systematic design effort to break that cycle, beginning with specific usage scenarios and a(More)
In two experiments we investigated the effects of voluntary movements on temporal haptic perception. Measures of sensitivity (JND) and temporal alignment (PSS) were obtained from temporal order judgments made on intermodal auditory-haptic (Experiment 1) or intramodal haptic (Experiment 2) stimulus pairs under three movement conditions. In the baseline,(More)
787 the use of Kautz models, which seem to have large potential in many applications in control theory and signal processing, where modeling of resonant systems is of importance. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions. [5] , " Optimum Laguerre networks for a class of discrete-time systems , "(More)
We discuss the properties of force-feedback haptic simulation systems that fundamentally limit the recreation of periodic gratings, and hence, of any texture. These include sampling rate, device resolution, and structural dynamics. Basic sampling limitations are analyzed in terms of the Nyquist and the Courant conditions. The analysis proposes that noise(More)
This article describes an efficient method to synthesize the nonlinear haptic response of deformable objects from data obtained by offline simulation or measurements. This capability is useful to create surgical simulators with high-fidelity haptic feedback, as various effects of contact mechanics can be reproduced accurately and in a passive manner. c 2004(More)
When a progressive wave of localized deformations occurs tangentially on the fingerpad skin, one typically experiences the illusion of a small object sliding on it. This effect was investigated because of its potential application to the display of Braille. A device was constructed that could produce such deformation patterns along a line. Blind subjects'(More)
We describe a tactile transducer system that has a compact, yet modular design. The tactile transducer comprises a 6×10 piezo bi-morph actuator array with a spatial resolution of 1.8×1.2 millimeter and a wide temporal bandwidth. The blocked force of the individual actuators can be changed (0.15 N, 0.22 N) by adjusting the cantilever mechanics to optimally(More)