Vincent G. J. Rodgers

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The leading term for the energy of a bound state of k-quarks and k-antiquarks is proportional to its separation L. These k-string configurations have a Lüscher term associated with their quantum fluctuations which is typically a 1/L correction to the energy. We review the status of tensions and Lüscher terms in the context of lattice gauge theory,(More)
We derive properties of N-extended GR super Virasoro algebras. These include adding central extensions, identification of all primary fields and the action of the adjoint representation on its dual. The final result suggest identification with the spectrum of fields in supergravity theories and superstring/M-theory constructed from NSR N-extended(More)
An in vitro investigation is described in which the biomechanical properties of several host artery-graft combinations are characterized under realistic hemodynamic environments. Canine carotid arteries served as the host vessel and were anastomosed to one of the following graft materials: 4 mm I.D. thin-walled expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE), 6(More)
A perfusion apparatus is employed to reproduce quantifiable pulsatile hemodynamics within freshly excised canine carotid arteries. From measurements of pulsatile intraluminal and transmural pressure and the dynamic radial motion of the vessel wall, calculations are made of the vascular incremental modulus of elasticity and hoop, axial, and radial wall(More)
Flow in the aortic arch is characterized primarily by the presence of a strong secondary flow superimposed over the axial flow, skewed axial velocity profiles and diastolic flow reversals. A significant amount of helical flow has also been observed in the descending aorta of humans and in models. In this study a computational model of the abdominal aorta(More)
The three-dimensional flow through a rigid model of the human abdominal aorta complete with iliac and renal arteries was predicted numerically using the steady-state Navier Stokes equations for an incompressible. Newtonian fluid. The model adapted for our purposes was determined from data obtained from cine-CT images taken of a glass chamber that was(More)
It has been observed that bovine serum albumin (BSA, 69,000 Da) exhibits high rejection in a pH 7.4, 0.15 M NaCl solution containing low concentrations of immuno-gamma-globulins (IgG, 155,000 Da). Although it is apparent that this phenomenon is likely due to the complex interactions of the proteins as well as to simple steric hindrance, it is not clear to(More)
We provide world sheet non-supersymmetrical actions that describe the coupling of a bosonic string to the tachyon and massless states of both the type-B and type-O theories. The type-B theory is derived as a truncation and chiral doubling of the Ramond-Ramond sector in our previous model that connected the (1,0) heterotic string to a 10D, typeIIB(More)
We developed curved spiral antennas for use in underwater (freshwater) communications. Specifically, these antennas will be integrated in so-called mussel backpacks. Backpacks are compact electronics that incorporate sensors and a small radio that operate around 300 MHz. Researchers attach these backpacks in their freshwater mussel related research. The(More)