Vincent G. J. Rodgers

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The leading term for the energy of a bound state of k-quarks and k-antiquarks is proportional to its separation L. These k-string configurations have a Lüscher term associated with their quantum fluctuations which is typically a 1/L correction to the energy. We review the status of tensions and Lüscher terms in the context of lattice gauge theory,(More)
We numerically examine the self-dual solutions of self-intersecting strings immersed in four dimension. By fixing a frame of reference we are able to show that self-intersecting open strings admit world sheet topologies that are able to support monopole/anti-monopole structures. Furthermore we identify the topologies that can lead to q − q̄ production and(More)
We derive properties of N-extended GR super Virasoro algebras. These include adding central extensions, identification of all primary fields and the action of the adjoint representation on its dual. The final result suggest identification with the spectrum of fields in supergravity theories and superstring/M-theory constructed from NSR N-extended(More)
We developed curved spiral antennas for use in underwater (freshwater) communications. Specifically, these antennas will be integrated in so-called mussel backpacks. Backpacks are compact electronics that incorporate sensors and a small radio that operate around 300 MHz. Researchers attach these backpacks in their freshwater mussel related research. The(More)
This paper investigates the d = 4, N = 4 Abelian, global Super-Yang Mills system (SUSY-YM). It is shown how the N = 2 Fayet Hypermultiplet (FH) and N = 2 vector multiplet (VM) are embedded within. The central charges and internal symmetries provide a plethora of information as to further symmetries of the Lagrangian. Several of these symmetries are(More)
An important operation in generalized complex geometry is the Courant bracket which extends the Lie bracket that acts only on vectors to a pair given by a vector and a p-form. We explore the possibility of promoting the elements of the Courant bracket to physical fields by constructing a geometric action based on the Kirillov-Kostant symplectic form. For(More)
Recently it has been demonstrated that self-dual Einstein Euclidean instantons possess an infinite dimensional group of symmetries which contain the standard w∞. Since w∞ has a central extension only in its w2 subalgebra one may claim that there is an anomaly in the symmetry group of these instantons which is described by a three dimensional w2 effective(More)