Vincent Fromion

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Bacteria adapt to environmental stimuli by adjusting their transcriptomes in a complex manner, the full potential of which has yet to be established for any individual bacterial species. Here, we report the transcriptomes of Bacillus subtilis exposed to a wide range of environmental and nutritional conditions that the organism might encounter in nature. We(More)
The peptidoglycan cell wall and the actin-like MreB cytoskeleton are major determinants of cell shape in rod-shaped bacteria. The prevailing model postulates that helical, membrane-associated MreB filaments organize elongation-specific peptidoglycan-synthesizing complexes along sidewalls. We used total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy to(More)
In this paper, the robust (weighted) H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub> filtering and feedback control problems are considered in the case of time variant and time invariant uncertainties. Using a separation of graph theorem with the scalings/multipliers approach, solutions to these problems can be proposed as an infinite dimensional convex optimization problem. The(More)
We propose a dynamic model of alcoholic fermentation in wine-making conditions. In this model, the speed at which CO(2) is released is related to the effects of the main factors involved in fermentation in wine-making conditions: temperature (which can vary within a predefined range) and nitrogen additions (which must not exceed the maximal authorized(More)
In this paper, we investigate the cell design of bacteria during the exponential growth. To this purpose, we propose to formulate the problem as a non differentiable convex optimization problem equivalent to a Linear Programming feasibility problem. Its resolution predicts for a specific medium not only the distribution of metabolic fluxes and the maximal(More)
Few genome-scale models of organisms focus on the regulatory networks and none of them integrates all known levels of regulation. In particular, the regulations involving metabolite pools are often neglected. However, metabolite pools link the metabolic to the genetic network through genetic regulations, including those involving effectors of transcription(More)
The design of a parameter dependent H∞ controller for a parameter dependent plant is considered. A solution can be proposed as a parameter dependent LMI optimization problem, that is, an infinite dimensional problem. In the case of rational dependence, an approach is proposed involving an optimization problem over parameter independent LMI constraints(More)
Model reduction is a long-standing problem. As model reduction as a frequency domain optimization problem can be conjectured NP-hard, several suboptimal but efficient reduction methods were proposed. The obtained suboptimal reduced model are sometimes far away from the optimal reduced model. In this paper, we propose phase model reduction for obtaining(More)
In the growing field of systems biology, the knowledge of protein concentrations is highly required to truly understand metabolic and adaptational networks within the cells. Therefore we established a workflow relying on long chromatographic separation and mass spectrometric analysis by data independent, parallel fragmentation of all precursor ions at the(More)