Vincent Fiori

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Thermo-mechanical stresses have proven to be a critical issue in a typical interposer integration and assembly flow. However the nature of passive interposer makes the integration of MOS-based stress sensors impossible. New methods are required. Using a coupling strategy between 3D Finite Element Models (FEM) and physical characterization, a method based on(More)
Passive stress sensors have been integrated in a silicon interposer test vehicle to investigate thermo-mechanical stress in a typical 2.5D system. The present sensors are integrated in a rosette-shape consisting of eight oriented copper serpentines acting like strain gauges. An innovative design allows theoretically the calculation of a partial stress(More)
The development of Cu/low-k interconnects to meet continuous tighter specifications (lower RC time delay, power consumption…) and consequently the introduction of mechanically weak materials is widely identified as a contributor of interfacial cracks propagating during manufacturing flow or qualification tests. Moreover, a raise in Front-End/Back-End(More)
WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging) is used to enable low-cost manufacturing and a high performance featuring low I/O density. Such a solution provides a solder interconnection directly between the die and motherboard. This paper aims at presenting the specificities of this new assembly by describing the most common thermo-mechanical failures(More)