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Progressive fibrosis is characterized by excessive deposition of extracellular matrix (ECM), resulting in gross alterations in tissue mechanics. Changes in tissue mechanics can further augment scar deposition through fibroblast mechanotransduction. In idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a fatal form of progressive lung fibrosis, previous work has shown that loss(More)
Hydrogels, highly hydrated cross-linked polymer networks, have emerged as powerful synthetic analogues of extracellular matrices for basic cell studies as well as promising biomaterials for regenerative medicine applications. [1] A critical advantage of these artificial matrices over natural networks is that bioactive functionalities, such as cell adhesive(More)
Inflammation in the setting of interstitial lung disease (ILD) occurs in the distal alveolar spaces of the lung, which presents significant challenges for therapeutic delivery. The development of aerosolizable microparticles from non-immunogenic polymers is needed to enable the clinical translation of numerous experimental therapeutics that require(More)
Adult stem cell (SC) maintenance and differentiation are known to depend on signals received from the niche. Here, however, we demonstrate a mechanism for SC specification and regulation that is niche independent. Using immunofluorescence, live imaging, genetics, cell-cycle analyses, in utero lentiviral transduction, and lineage-tracing, we show that in(More)
The creation of fluorescently labeled viruses is currently limited by the length of imaging observation time (e.g., labeling an envelope protein) and the rescue of viral infectivity (e.g., encoding a GFP protein). Using single molecule sensitive RNA hybridization probes delivered to the cytoplasm of infected cells, we were able to isolate individual,(More)
Here, we present a universal, simple, efficient, and reliable way to add small BioBrick parts to any BioBrick via PCR that is compatible with BioBrick assembly standard 10. As a proof of principle, we have designed a universal primer, rbs_B0034, that contains a ribosomal binding site (RBS; BBa_B0034) and that can be used in PCR to amplify any coding(More)
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