Vincent Fabbro

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[1] This paper introduces a ‘‘refractivity from clutter’’ (RFC) approach with an inversion method based on a pregenerated database. The RFC method exploits the information contained in the radar sea clutter return to estimate the refractive index profile. Whereas initial efforts are based on algorithms giving a good accuracy involving high computational(More)
Priapism can be successfully treated by unilateral or bilateral percutaneous transcatheter occlusion of the internal pudendal arteries. Occlusion should be reversible in order to avoid impotence. Embolization with autologous clot satisfies this requirement because of the clot lysis and consequent vessel recanalization. Three cases are extensively described(More)
The GO-SSA-Extended model is an extension of the physical GO-SSA model with augmented range of validity. It is obtained through the addition of extra empirical terms. This improved model can predict the backscatter reflectivity from the sea surface for the full range of grazing and azimuthal angles. This model compares favorably with Xband experimental(More)
[1] Refractivity from clutter (RFC) retrieves the radio frequency refractive conditions along a propagation path by inverting the measured radar sea clutter return. In this paper, a real-time RFC technique is proposed called ‘‘Improved Best Fit’’ (IBF). It is based on finding the environment with best fit to one of many precomputed, modeled radar returns(More)
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