Vincent F. Hendricks

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Philosophical logicians proposing theories of rational belief revision have had little to say about whether their proposals assist or impede the agent's ability to reliably arrive at the truth as his beliefs change through time. On the other hand, reliability is the central concern of formal learning theory. In this paper we investigate the belief revision(More)
Demographic change affects the health system in many countries. Heart failure is used as an example in demonstrating the effects of these changing demographics. We analyzed trends for demographic change and their effects on heart failure and its costs over the period 1995–2025. Changing demographics are associated with higher treatment costs. The number of(More)
Formal epistemology is the study of crucial concepts in general or mainstream epistemology including knowledge, belief (-change), certainty, rationality, reasoning, decision, justification, learning, agent interaction and information processing using a spread of different formal tools. These formal tools may be drawn from fields such as logic, probability(More)
Modern approaches to human learning suggest that the process of learning is most effective when the environment is active and social. Digital techniques of serious games and online social networks are therefore becoming increasingly popular in today’s educational system. This thesis contributes to the proposition that combining elements of social networks(More)
As an undergraduate student majoring in mathematics, philosophy and physics I was interested in foundational questions regarding probability and induction. Combining this interest with an interest in mathematical logic, I planned to work as a graduate student on a thesis devoted to probabilities in the context of formal languages. Abraham Robinson, who was(More)