Vincent Emonet

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Bio2RDF is an open source project to generate and provide Linked Data for the Life Sciences. Here, we report on a third coordinated release of ~11 billion triples across 30 biomedical databases and datasets, representing a 10 fold increase in the number of triples since Bio2RDF Release 2 (Jan 2013). New clinically relevant datasets have been added. New(More)
Many vocabularies and ontologies are produced to represent and annotate agronomic data. By reusing the NCBO BioPortal technology, we have already designed and implemented an advanced prototype ontology repository for the agronomy domain. We plan to turn that prototype into a real service to the community. The AgroPortal project aims at reusing the(More)
Even if multilingual ontologies are now more common, for historical reasons, in the biomedical domain, many ontologies or terminologies have been translated from one natural language to another resulting in two potentially aligned ontologies but with their own specificity (e.g., format, developers, and versions). Most often, there is no formal(More)
The SIFR BioPortal is an open platform to host French biomedical ontologies and terminologies based on the technology developed by the US National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO). The portal facilitates the use and fostering of terminologies and ontologies by offering a set of services including semantic annotation. The SIFR Annotator(More)
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