Vincent El Kouby

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This paper exploits the idea that each individual brain region has a specific connection profile to create parcellations of the cortical mantle using MR diffusion imaging. The parcellation is performed in two steps. First, the cortical mantle is split at a macroscopic level into 36 large gyri using a sulcus recognition system. Then, for each voxel of the(More)
This paper proposes a method to infer a high level model of the white matter organization from a population of subjects using MR diffusion imaging. This method takes as input for each subject a set of trajectories stemming from any tracking algorithm. Then the inference results from two nested clustering stages. The first clustering converts each individual(More)
The idea underpinning the work we present herein is to design robust and objective tools for brain white matter (WM) morphometry. We focus on WM tracts, and propose to represent them by their mean lines, to which we associate the attributes derived from high-angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI). The definition of the tract mean line derives directly(More)
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